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Road Services

Regularly we transport goods by road through our groupage service (LTL) and through full truck (FTL) all over Europe and these are our favorite destinations for which we apply special rates:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden.

International groupage shipments by road (LTL) export and import
Our export LTL service (Less than Truck Load) or groupage service is used when the quantity and the volume of the goods is not so big to justify a full truck (FTL), for example when customer has to ship only few boxes or 2-3 pallets. We collect the goods in every place in taly and we deliver them to our hubs in Prato or Milan, where are stowed into full trucks which arrive to the nearest European terminal at the final destination. From there the goods are loaded into a van that arrives to the final receiver.
We have 2-3 departures a week from our warehouses to all European Union Countries, extra-EU Countries (Norway and Switzerland) and also East Europe Countries with a transit time between 4 and 7 working days from pick-up.
LTL import service is managed by us through our selected agents who are in the main European cities. They collect the goods from the European shipper and then send the shipment by road to our hubs in Milan and Prato. As the shipment arrives to our hubs, we take care to deliver it to the Italian receiver.

International groupage shipments by road of luggage, bags, parcels with personal effects
In case of “mini move” where the customer wants to send only few boxes (clothes, small furniture, appliances, books, etc.) we offer this service by road, very cheap and fast. Our person in charge picks-up the goods from the customer’s residence (if requested he provides also at packing) and delivers the shipment to our warehouse, where we provide at the palletization, wrapping and labeling. Then we deliver the shipment to our main terminals in Prato or Milan. From there we provide to send the shipment till the final receiver in Europe

International transports with full truck (FTL) export and import
Export and Import FTL service (Full Truck Load) is requested when customer has to transport a big quantity of goods to justify using a trailer of 13,60 meters long. In this case the full truck arrives to the loading place anywhere in Italy or in Europe. When loading operations are finished, the driver will depart directly to the delivery place. We may put at your disposal, tautliner, reefer and box trailers.

Furthermore we can offer:

  • International road transports door-to-door both import and export
  • International express courier service
  • Pick-ups and deliveries with tail lift truck
  • Export and import customs clearance (for shipments from/to extra-EU Countries)
  • Local agents in the main European cities
  • All-risks insurance coverage